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Want natural health marketing ideas and insights?

Whether you need assistance with a one-off project or ongoing content creation, you’ll find my writing clear, concise, easy-to-understand, and always customer-centric.

Over the years I’ve written thousands of pages of health marketing copy (a few of which you’ll find in my portfolio), for clients ranging from multinational supplement and beauty companies through to one-person natural health practices.

My experience includes websites, email newsletters, advertisements, brochures, direct mail pieces, trade presenters, product labels and white papers - and I’ve also written several hundred magazine articles and authored or contributed to more than 15 books, with the next one to be published soon.

Regardless of what I’m writing, my focus is on helping your target market understand not just how your product or service can benefit them, but why yours is the brand they should trust with their health.

In my experience, conveying those messages works best when you come from a customer-centred marketing perspective rather than a technical one. Getting it right involves identifying what matters most to your reader, using language that’s familiar to her, and being aware of which technical information adds value and which creates confusion and is best omitted.

Equally important is an awareness of how each individual blog post, advertisement or brochure fits into the context of your overall marketing objectives and the direction you want your business to move in. Over time, we’ll weave all your marketing material so it works together to tell a story about your business that’s cohesive, compelling and authentic.

If that approach that feels right for your business, I’d love to help you with your copywriting. To get the ball rolling, please phone me on 0405 296 804 or send me some information about your project.