Is there anything you don’t do? Absolutely!

My strengths lie in marketing and communication, so there are some services I don’t provide.

  • I’m a word-nerd, not a graphic designer, so I can’t personally give your packaging or marketing material the visual appeal it deserves. However, I’m very experienced at managing that process, and would love to collaborate with your agency or designer, or to recommend someone I trust to work on your design
  • I won’t go anywhere near the back-end of your website (trust me, it’s for the best). However, I’m more than happy to liaise with your web team or in-house writers on your behalf and to develop your content plan or information architecture and then manage the content creation
  • I’m far from being a regulatory expert, so whenever relevant I’ll refer decisions about regulatory concerns back to your internal team or external consultant
  • These days I’m far more passionate about staying at the cutting edge of health marketing than I am about delving deeply into scientific studies. As a result, I no longer write research-intensive technical material for healthcare professional audiences and nor do I create or review claims evidence files for submission to the TGA
  • And finally, I won’t work on your brand if I’m not convinced about the integrity and efficacy of your product or services

Nevertheless, I can assist with many other aspects of your copywriting and marketing, so please get in touch with me if you’re wondering if I’m the right person to help you.