Natural health marketing from the heart

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When practitioners think about their marketing, they often get caught up in all the activity they’ve got going on, or start beating themselves up about all the things they think they should be doing but haven’t found time for.

Social media, blog posts, email newsletters, letterbox drops, networking. Phew! Just thinking about it all is enough to leave you exhausted.

But stop and breathe for a moment, and give yourself permission to take whatever time you need for the next bit to sink in, because it’s really, really, really important:

At its heart and soul, effective natural health marketing isn’t about what you do. It’s about what you know about yourself as a practitioner, and what you know about the people you’re here to help.

And when I say ‘know’, I’m not referring to the information and techniques acquired through years spent studying and practising your chosen modality. I’m not talking about the two or three sentence profile that describes what you ‘know’ about your ideal client as a woman in her 30s with two kids and a commitment to healthy eating. And I’m certainly not talking about the marketing techniques you ‘know’ after signing up to heaps of webinars and Facebook feeds about sales funnels and lead magnets.

All that is stuff you ‘know’ intellectually.

But if you want your marketing to connect and resonate with the people you can best help, you need to communicate from your heart, not your head… just as you do when they come to you for healing.

That requires knowing yourself and your clients with a deep, intimate familiarity and empathy. One that’s not dissimilar to the understanding, compassion and awareness you have for the people you love.

Because you do love your clients, right?

Thought so. See, here’s the thing: whether you’re a naturopath, a counsellor, a massage therapist or an intuitive reader, all healing is simply the offering of a practical form of love – something that comes easily to the majority of practitioners, being the beautiful souls that we are.

The bigger stumbling block for many of us is becoming intimate and familiar with who we are as healers, and then getting comfortable expressing that identity in ways that others can understand and relate to. (Remember, self-acceptance is a form of love too, and you deserve to be the recipient of your love just as much as your clients do).

As small business owners, getting clear about what we offer and who we can help is often something we rush through on our way to getting on with the doing of marketing.

In contrast, arriving at these fundamentals is a process that can take weeks or months of deep soul-searching in larger organisations, and may involve whole teams of people, from the CEO to the workers on the factory floor. Only then can the process of developing effective marketing strategies and campaigns get started.

We all know that taking a holistic approach to healing is as much about addressing the root cause of dis-ease as it is about relieving symptoms. We’re constantly on the lookout for the fundamental misalignments in our clients’ diets, lifestyles or belief systems that are preventing them from thriving.

So if you’re marketing isn’t flowing for you, take a holistic approach to that too.

Start by asking yourself these questions:

  • Is my marketing activity in alignment with who I am as a healer?
  • Do I even know who I am as a healer?
  • Do I know my ideal clients well enough to feel confident that my marketing is reaching them and resonating with them in a way that makes them feel understood and cared for?

If the answers to those questions are ‘No’, here are a few exercises to try:

  1. Before you hit ‘Post’, ‘Send’ or ‘Publish’ on a piece of marketing, sit quietly and contemplate whether it feels right to you. Is it an expression of the healing mission in your soul and the love you feel for your clients?
  2. Keep a notebook by your desk or in your clinic room, and every time a client gives you positive feedback about something you did or said that made a profound difference to them, jot down a note about it. Over time, you’ll become more and more aware of what matters most to your clients and why your particular brand of healing is ideal for them. Once you can put that into words, your marketing is going to rock!
  3. Ask every client (old or new) what prompted them to see you and/or what keeps them coming back. Keep a record of the answers, and look at them in their entirety. These are the people your reputation, results and marketing are attracting now. If you want more of the same, ramp it up. If you’d rather attract different types of clients, what needs to be tweaked to bring your marketing into alignment with the needs of the new ones?

In the midst of all the activity you might think you should be doing, getting crystal clear about who you are and what you do really is the most important piece of marketing you’ll ever undertake.

Ready to dive deep into heart-based marketing?

My upcoming 1-day workshop is your chance to explore these issues in depth. It’s on Tuesday 28th April in Sydney, and will be a fun and heart-warming day devoted to helping practitioners and healers to shift their marketing out of their heads and into their hearts. If you’d like to come along, head here to register. (As a reader of my blog, you’re entitled to a special price, so use the promo code GOLDCLASS to claim your discount).